Thursday, September 25, 2008

I wish Chipotle had a membership card

I sorely wish Chipotle would have a "Buy 9 burritos get your 10th free" card. It would save me roughly $13/mo. If you eat at Chipotle often, please call corporate and let them know that you support this idea.

Chipotle Tip: If you frequently run into the problem where your burrito is stuffed to the point where it rips the wrap, don't settle for a smaller burrito! Next time, just ask for two wraps. They'll pile everything onto both wraps and the double thick tortilla will prevent rippage. My brother claims his friend has once gotten three wraps. 870 calories is a bit much for me, but if I ever had a problem with the double-wrap its good to know that option is available.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The most intense pre-interview process ever

I recently quit my job and moved to Chicago.

I put my resume on on Friday, Sep. 5th.

A proprietary trading firm expressed interest the following Monday, which led me through the following journey:
  1. Monday (9-8-08): Online intelligence test. 30 questions, 8 minutes.
  2. Tuesday (9-9-08): Two expansive Excel projects (requiring programming Visual Basic in Excel, something entirely new to me), an employee questionnaire (16 interview questions), an official application
  3. Monday (9-15-08): Phone Interview. Included 8 timed math word problems.
  4. Tuesday (9-16-08): One financial risk assessment. Two involved personality tests (~80 questions each)
  5. Thursday (9-18-08): Live interview, which included another intelligence test (50 questions, 12 minutes), a quiz on market knowledge, and "live" on the spot math word problems.
  6. Thursday (9-18-08, 2 hours later): Received an offer for the salary I requested, but learned I would be working a night shift for international trading.
  7. Friday (9-19-08): Politely turned down the offer.
After all of the effort put into the interview process, this was a tough decision to make, but I stand firm in my resolve to enjoy all Chicago has to offer.

For now this is just an amusing story. Once I land an equally great job with normal hours, the moral of this story will be "Know what you want and don't compromise."