Monday, September 22, 2008

The most intense pre-interview process ever

I recently quit my job and moved to Chicago.

I put my resume on on Friday, Sep. 5th.

A proprietary trading firm expressed interest the following Monday, which led me through the following journey:
  1. Monday (9-8-08): Online intelligence test. 30 questions, 8 minutes.
  2. Tuesday (9-9-08): Two expansive Excel projects (requiring programming Visual Basic in Excel, something entirely new to me), an employee questionnaire (16 interview questions), an official application
  3. Monday (9-15-08): Phone Interview. Included 8 timed math word problems.
  4. Tuesday (9-16-08): One financial risk assessment. Two involved personality tests (~80 questions each)
  5. Thursday (9-18-08): Live interview, which included another intelligence test (50 questions, 12 minutes), a quiz on market knowledge, and "live" on the spot math word problems.
  6. Thursday (9-18-08, 2 hours later): Received an offer for the salary I requested, but learned I would be working a night shift for international trading.
  7. Friday (9-19-08): Politely turned down the offer.
After all of the effort put into the interview process, this was a tough decision to make, but I stand firm in my resolve to enjoy all Chicago has to offer.

For now this is just an amusing story. Once I land an equally great job with normal hours, the moral of this story will be "Know what you want and don't compromise."

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