Monday, September 27, 2010

You don't really want it

I can't help but watch this and think that this is what it would be like if a fat white dude won a sweepstakes to be in a rap video:

Considering the fact that these are a couple dudes from Lafayette, IN, the production quality of this video isn't half bad. The beat is solid, there's a boarded up building in the background, and (spoiler alert) you get a little ghost riding in at the end. Best of all, Chunky Town is rockin' the mic for a whole verse and actually maintains some decent rhymes right up until this gem:

"Ya'll f*ggots suck like Twilight, no pun intended"

(Mr. Town wasn't available for interview, but I'm pretty sure the pun was actually intended)

But nothing compares to his dancing. Nothing. Learn these moves and you'll be absolutely unstoppable at every bar and club known to man. I'd expect nothing less from the same artist that stars in the hit video "Titty Boy Swag."

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